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At Divergent Talent Group, we pioneer opportunities and cultivate collaborations that spark groundbreaking projects. As the only talent agency exclusively representing neurodivergent storytellers and creatives, we are committed to reshaping and revolutionising the entertainment and media landscape by fostering inclusivity, innovation, and authentic storytelling.

From film and TV to theatre, music and digital media, we proudly represent a list of acclaimed and emerging creators, actors, directors, writers, musicians and more. Our clients stand on the intersection of neurodivergence, disability and many historically underrepresented groups. We look at everything we do through the lens of access and inclusion, from consultancy through to casting and contracts.

Since 2021, our team has worked tirelessly to champion each client, offering values driven guidance and transforming careers through our dedicated service. We leverage a wide network and industry expertise to empower our clients and pioneer opportunities.

We've innovated unique working methods, created development programs alongside industry leading organisations and held industry wide consultations.

Our vision extends beyond representation; it's about setting new standards by advocating for the ethical and commercial value of inclusion. We tirelessly advocate for neurodivergent artists, recognising their vital and significant contributions to the creative and cultural landscape throughout history. 

DTG is committed to forging precedent-setting deals and cultivating new systems and processes rooted in supporting our clients’ visions, passions, and opportunities.

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