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Divergent Talent Group Ltd. is a UK-based talent agency and the first known talent agency exclusively representing neurodivergent talent in the entertainment and media industries. 

The agency was founded in 2021 by Adam Welsh, a writer, sound designer, and former producer who personally experienced some of the challenges faced by neurodivergent artists:

"I never planned to be an agent. But when I was a producer in the theatre industry, I discovered a passion for connecting creative friends, negotiating contracts on their behalf, and securing the best deals for them. I was an agent before I knew it, I just wasn’t taking commission for it then. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 2021 that my whole life suddenly made sense. As someone who had faced challenges in the entertainment industry as a non-neurotypical individual, I knew I had to do something to address these issues for others. That's why I founded Divergent Talent Group, the first talent agency exclusively for neurodivergent talent.


Adam Welsh, founder of DTG 












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Everything we do, we do it through a lens of access and inclusion.


Not only do we aim to set new industry standards but also we hope to shape the landscape through precedent setting deals that influence the sectors we cover.

As agents, we stand at the juncture between industry and art, so we have a real shot at creating more accessible environments for everyone. Not only that, we firmly believe that working inclusively is the road to better art. 

DTG is more than an agency. We're on a mission to redefine talent representation by fostering a dynamic and inclusive community within the industry. Anchored in the vibrant surroundings of Somerset House in London, our innovative approach converges representation, access consultancy and talent development under one roof.

We also happen to be neurodivergent.

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