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Drama Quarterly

"Meet The British Agents Paving The Way For The Next Generation Of Disabled Talent"

"As awareness of the needs – and talent – of ND performers grows, there is more to celebrate. "When a support worker gets attached to a job – for me, that’s as big as somebody doing a Disney movie,” Welsh says."

"Adam Welsh, managing director and senior agent at Divergent Talent Group, explains why it’s important for the media industry to embrace talent of all abilities both in front of, and behind, the camera"

"The creative industries can’t survive without neurodiversity. I also think neurodivergent talent needs representation in both senses of the word: authentic and fair representation on stage, screen and in literary works; and to be represented by agents who understand and care about our specific needs, who will champion and advocate and fight for neurodiversity within the creative space."

"What sets us apart from other agencies is our unique perspective on accessibility. We look at everything through the lens of access, from contract negotiations to sourcing support workers for our clients. We reinvest a percentage of our commission back into our clients directly, whether that be for development opportunities or therapy. We have a development programme in the works with the Young Vic theatre in London and we’ve developed specialised knowledge that we share through our consultancy services, helping film and TV production companies to become more neuro-inclusive."

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